State Governments Fail to Meaningfully Affect Opioid Addiction

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State Governments Fail to Meaningfully Affect Opioid Addiction

State Governments Fail to Meaningfully Affect Opioid Addiction

Failing Grade

An article on CNBC talks about the lack of progress on the war against opioids.  Only 5 out of 50 governments had made any progress in rolling back the tide of this devastating plague.  Twenty-eight states were graded by the NSC as “failing”; 47 states were graded as “needing improvement.”  Only five states met 5 out of the 6 indicators: Vermont, New Mexico, Kentucky, Maine and Tennessee. Vermont and New Mexico are among the states with the highest incidence of heroin deaths.

Who Wins?

The only winner it seems in this war is the drug companies who profit from the increased prescribing of opiates as drugs get stolen and sold on the street from various sources.  More than 2 million people are addicted to opioids.  In Missouri they state that one of the reasons that it so so hard to hire workers is because most can’t pass a drug screen.  This results in a lack of prosperity for these state where abuse is quite high and removed people from being in the job pool for meaningful employment.

Inadvertent Addicts

Many people end up addicts because they were hard working, but got injured and were prescribed opioids to combat the pain after surgery.  These dangerous drugs are quite addictive and many people find themselves addicted before they realize what is happening.  They convince themselves they need to take them for legitimate reasons.

Treatment Capacity is Lacking

In most states they lack the capacity to adequately treat the people who end up victims of addition.  As a result the people who need treatment have a hard time getting it on top of the sigma that comes with being an addict.  Many find it easier to just keep on being an addict vs getting the help they need.  It isn’t always easy for a family member or friend to determine to know that they are under the influence.  Having a lab quality test that you can get an answer anonymously is key to knowing if they are abusing and getting them the help they need to get clean.

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