NJ Township Adopts Random Drug Testing at Schools

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NJ Township Adopts Random Drug Testing at Schools

The Lacey Township Board of Education adopted a new policy this week to begin voluntary random drug testing at schools.  This program is voluntary at the will of the parents for students in extra-curricular activities.  Original Article

This is a very interesting development for sure.  This program is funded by the board of Ed and shows the commitment of keeping the students drug free.  Protecting our children should be our #1 priority and this is one step closer.  This gives parents a little more peace of mind that their children are drug free.

A Glaring Problem with Drug Testing at Schools

There is a pretty big problem which I’m sure a few of you see, this is voluntary.  So if a parent doesn’t want their child tested they won’t be.  There could be many reasons for this.  One issue would be the publicity that would come up if their child is found to be doing drugs and then suddenly was not participating in their activities.  Word would surely spread about this and cause a lot of embarrassment for the family and child.  This is not an idea situation.  If a parent thought their child was doing drugs, they may want to opt out to avoid this sort of scenario from coming to pass.

Avoid Embarrassment by Testing Yourself

One of the reasons we have our test kit is to avoid the embarrassment this scenario would result in.  Even going to your local doctor may not be enough as people do talk. Staff can’t always be trusted in a small town.  Your best bet is an anonymous, private, test.  That is what we specialize in here.  You can get a discrete kit sent to your home and a random account for you to check your results.

No one knows who the kit is for when you order it.  This allows you to take action and get help your loved one needs.  All without having to worry about the local rumor mill.  If you have teenagers, it is sometimes hard to know if your child is using drugs. Keep a kit on hand so if there is an issue so you can quickly act.

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