Overdoses Rise in Kentucky, Raising Concerns for Drug Epidemic

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Overdoses Rise in Kentucky, Raising Concerns for Drug Epidemic

This article from the New York Times reminds us that the drug problem in the US is far from contained.  The article goes on to state that emergency room workers have seem some very high rates of calls relating to overdoses where at one point there were two calls an hour.  That is truly shocking, even for a city like Louisville which has a population of 590,000 people.

A Growing Drug Epidemic

Most people don’t think that the problem is as bad as it truly is.  Most people don’t realize that a loved one has a problem until they overdose. Most people think that overdoes are related to just illegal drugs which is not the case.  Overdoses can be caused by alcohol, prescription drugs, as well as illegal drugs.  Kentucky is not alone in coming to grips with what a nationwide trend in the rise of opioid abuses and related deaths. The state has partnered with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration’s 360 Strategy program, which includes community outreach and law enforcement efforts to combat trafficking.

Drug overdoses have become the leading cause of injury deaths in the United States, it says. Every year since 2009, drug poisoning deaths have outnumbered those by firearms, vehicle crashes, suicide and homicide. In 2014, approximately 129 people died every day as a result of drug poisoning, the report said.

”Multiple overdoses related to fentanyl abuse and other opioid abuse spiked in the middle of 2016,” he said. “And it seems to keep getting worse.”

The C.D.C. says that 91 people in the United States die every day from opioid overdose.

Do you ever ask yourself if your loved one may be acting differently due to drug use?

The only way be to sure that your loved one is not using prescription or illegal drugs is to test them.  With our drug testing kits, it is easier and more affordable than ever to have the piece of mind that you loved one is not on drugs or confirm your suspicions that they are indeed abusing drugs and get them the help that they need.  We now have multi-packs so you can always have one on hand when needed.

You can stop overdone death

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