Does Your Child have the 4 Traits That Put them at the Risk for Addiction?

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Does Your Child have the 4 Traits That Put them at the Risk for Addiction?

Very interesting article posted on the New York Times website the other day regarding a very interesting program being developed.  This is a targeted program which aims to identify people with the traits most likely to have them end up as addicts.

4 Traits That Put Children at the Risk for Addiction

  • sensation-seeking
  • impulsiveness
  • anxiety sensitivity
  • hopelessness.

Some of these shouldn’t surprise anyone who has known people who became addicts.

Clinical Study

What I found interesting about the program is how its executing.  I think most of us who were a victim of the traditional education in middle school can attest that it was a waste of time.  It didn’t really address the people who would become addicts vs people who would experiment which is bound to happen regardless of what is taught.

When the school year starts, middle schoolers take a personality test to identify the outliers. A few months later, two 90-minute workshops are offered that are framed as a way to channel your personality toward success.  There are only a few number of slots offered. Most students sign up for a chance to be in the workshop.

Although selection appears random, only those with extreme scores on the test, get to attend. The test has a 90% success rate according to the article.  They are then given the workshop targeted to their most troublesome trait.

The reason for selection is not initially disclosed. If students ask, they are given honest information; however, most do not and they typically report finding the workshops relevant and useful. The workshops teach students cognitive behavioral techniques to address specific emotional and behavioral problems.  Tools are offered to deal with these issues and encouragement is given to use these tools.

For kids with personality traits that put them at risk, learning how to manage traits that make us different and often difficult could change a trajectory that can lead to tragedy.

Not At Your School

This trial was only done at a few schools across the globe and it is unlikely this program will come in time to help your child.  The only way to be sure if you child isn’t using drugs is to test them.  With our laboratory grade test, you can test your child at home without any sort of stigma attached with going to a doctor for one.  With the result in hand you can take action and get the right help.

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