Babies Born into Addiction

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Babies Born into Addiction

An article from the Daily Caller brings up another tragic effect of the drug epidemic faced in this country.  Others are affected by one person’s addiction.  Many times these are family members, but the most tragic is when babies born into addiction because their mother was addicted.

Officials at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center report a 14-fold increase in the number of newborns suffering from heroin or other opioid related withdrawals since 2009 at hospitals in the Greater Cincinnati region.

814 babies were exposed to opioids during pregnancy last year, 315 required extended hospital treatment for serious withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms include seizures, trouble feeding, excessive crying, diarrhea and rapid breathing.

It is especially hard to hear of these cases.  People do crazy things when they are addicted to drugs. Often times they may resort to non-cash payments to support their drug habits.  Women can end up pregnant, but can’t get off of the drugs they are hooked on.  These are not just related to illegal drugs either.  Prescription drugs like are also being abused as well affecting pregnancies.

The affects of the epidemic aren’t evenly distributed.  Some states are more affected than others.  For example, In Missouri at least eight-in-1,000 babies born will now suffer opioid withdrawals, an increase of 538 percent since 2006.

What can you do?

The best way to prevent babies born into addiction is to test your loved one to make sure that they are not using drugs.  Private home testing kits are easily available and very affordable.  The piece of mind that you can get from knowing is priceless.  Many teens go through behavioral changes and it is hard to know if this is normal behavior or something else.  Out 5 and 12 panel test kits can give you the certainty that you need.  We even have discounts on multi-packs so you can always have one on hand when needed.

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